Jun 19, 2012

Bad luck birthday.

 We have doubled our amount of emergency room visits in one week.  Drew had a trampoline accident on the day of his twelfth birthday that gave us a scare.  He came home with three stitches and a fat lip.

That is the PA that stitched Drew up when he was four.  She is the parent of Finn's classmate and does an awesome job... she has told me before that he was the best patient she ever had.  He didn't cry then and he didn't cry this time.  He was more interested in what tools she was using.

Aunt Alisha is our official stitch remover.  Drew requested her.

Exactly one week later, Drew had a rough soccer game.  He hit his head twice, several hours apart.  He staggered around and called himself out of the game.  He laid down and tried going to sleep and he had a pounding headache that he just couldn't shake.  We stood him up to take him to the car and he began vomiting.  So, we rushed him to the same emergency room.  The triage nurse remembered his name but didn't recognize him without any hair.

He left his cleats on because he was itching to get back to his championship game that evening.

After his CT scan came back normal without any bleeding on the brain, they diagnosed him with a concussion.  No contact sports for a week, especially the game at 6:00.  And that was the moment that he burst into tears and declared that 12 must be his unlucky number.

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Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of the summer goes better for my boy...Love Grandma Lucille