Feb 10, 2012

Seriously stinky.

 Driving down the road, you get a whiff of sulfur.  You think uh-oh.  Someone hit a skunk.  When you get a little closer, the smell fills your car and the kids notice.  It's not a gag-me-I'm gonna-throw-up smell but it is noticeable.  If your dog gets sprayed, you smell him coming up the driveway.  It smells like burnt rubber and takes a few days to wear off.  If Drew and Finn get sprayed getting the skunk out of trap, it smells the entire house.  The clothes get washed immediately, the baths get started, and we burn candles in the house.  The teacher MIGHT call laughing and gently suggest a different pair of shoes the next day.

 BUT.  If Drew pops the gland into a Ziploc bag to sell the scent, it is indescribable.  Like an eye watering, nose burning, jam your face in your scarf, dry heaving, tastebud paralyzing, tomato juice soaking, appetite sucking horrible HORRIBLE stench that fills the entire house and heating system.  Awful.  AWful. 

 One place online says you can sell it for $20 an ounce.  So. Not. Worth. It.


McMaster and Storm said...

You made me laugh.....our friends had a skunk get into their house it sprayed in the middle of the night. (think deep sleep...time of night)
They left it was so rank....it caused enough damage for an insurance claim.
By, by stinky

Jill Elaine said...

That is just too much.(grimace!)There is a reason God gave me girls. At least with girls I can say NO when they go too far with the 'boy' stuff! Honestly I don't see how you stand it!!! Kudos to you - you get the MOM OF THE CENTURY award:)

lisa said...

Oh,my goodness!!! We are having our own skunk issues, but this is hilarious! You are a good mom, dear!
Tell Drew that if he lived in OH we would hire him to come trap our critters instead of critter control!!

Anonymous said...

Brian says you are a true mom to boys! After I read this to him he said "I can never envision you doing this for Jalen." :) Best mom award to you!!

~Alisha~ said...

Oh my word! Is this what I have to look forward too? :) Not sure that I would be able to handle that or not. If little man comes back with something like that I might just have to say "GO SEE YOUR AUNT JONI"!

mimi said...

Saw a lot of those critters you were writing about on the way to church. Last count as I pulled in the drive was sixty dollars worth. Have Drew call for the locations.

Jill Elaine said...

My sister just featured this post on her blog today!!!