Feb 20, 2012

Exodus saved the day.

The second graders have been studying Ancient Egypt.  They went to an Egyptian Bazaar dressed in costume and traded their art.  They constructed pyramids and sampled foods from Egypt.  I remembered that Finn needed a costume at 11:00 the night before.  I quickly made a drawstring tunic and painted glitter onto a t-shirt for a jeweled neck collar.  He tried on the costume in the morning and said, "It's great, Mom.  But.... I guess I am a slave AND a king.  The slaves wore tunics and the pharaohs wore jewels."

I gulped at my mistake.  And then played on my own Ancient Egypt knowledge that I had just read for my One Year Plan.  "Why yes, Finn, that is what I meant to do.  You're Joseph.  You are loved by the Pharaoh but you still haven't forgotten your father and brothers in Canaan.  You're an Israelite that was embalmed in Egypt.  Or maybe you're Moses.  Your mother placed you in a basket in the Nile River and you were saved by the Pharaoh's daughter.Your people are slaves but God has chosen you to lead them out of slavery in Egypt by way of the Red Sea."
It worked.  He headed off to school, owning the look. 
I was so proud of my little Israelite.

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Cindy said...

Way to apply your bible knowledge!