Jan 25, 2012

Unwrapping Christmas

First, we attended a Christmas caroling that was the real deal.  Hayride, flashlights, winter hats, wool blankets, and friends followed by hot chocolate and soup.  In the middle of the cold ride, I pulled my fur a little closer around my ears and thought, "This is it.  If this is the only thing I do to celebrate Christmas this year, my cup is full."

Next, we attended the Blue Ridge Christmas that our church put on at the college campus farm museum.  The path was lit with luminaries, live animals stirred behind us, the children nervously sang in front of the barn, cookies and hot chocolate tempted us from the warm homestead kitchen, the teens took their places in the nativity scene, and our pastor played his mandolin.  I thought, "Okay Lord, this is it.  If this is all I do to celebrate Christmas this year, my cup is more than full."


Then, we headed to church on Christmas morning and the sanctuary was full.  The room was full of red dresses, a twinkling tree, white doves, and boisterous Christmas carols.  The Communion service was overflowing and we ran out of bread.  As I was catching the drips of my tears before they landed on my vintage skirt, I had to smile in thanksgiving.  "I understand.  This is it.  It is more than enough for me to have you, Lord, for my Christmas.  My cup is overflowing."

And THEN, we had family time.  With our little family, with Nate's family, and with mine.  I went into each one with already filled with joy and so each little moment was all overflow... the food, the laughter, the tears, the prayers, the squeals of cousins playing together, and (did I say?) food.  I was and am still overwhelmed and humbled by the presents picked out or made just for me or the boys and Nate.  I already had been given my Gift from my Father and then there was more.  Every moment, every crinkle of paper, every White Velvet Cookie, every cup of coffee, every second... all overflow.

*a few of my blessings... thank you to all...*
*new dishwasher from Nate, cross from Mama Lucille*
*trees from Regina, vintage chevron throw from my sister*
*wool wreath with pattern flowers from my sister in law*
*Pendleton wool pillows from my sister*
*bull that I gave Nate, not to be confused with Baal*
*boot canvas from Nate, records picked out by Morgan and Jacob*
You were the One who filled my cup
And You were the One who let it spill
So blessed be your Holy name 

if you never fill it up again
If this is where my story ends, 

just give me one more breath to say
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
-Broken Praise... Music inspired by The Story


deborah said...

Praise God for overflowing cups!

~Alisha~ said...

You forgot the awesome shoes you got from Gary & Lucille!
But hey looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Cindy said...

Loved reading of your special Christmas :)

Jill Elaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas indeed!