Jan 31, 2012

Comforted by Corrie Ten Boom and Justin Bieber.

 The stomach bug landed and hovered at our house last weekend.

Bad news:  I missed the Sportsmen's Banquet at church, Drew's soccer game, Finn's basketball game, and church on Sunday morning.

Good news:  I plowed through my Netflix Instant Queue... Save a Pencil for Me, The Hiding Place, and Never Say Never.

Bad news:  I missed Finny's six points, I didn't make a dessert for the banquet, and I didn't get to hear the evangelist.

Good news:  It was over within 24 hours. Nate stripped the sheets from under my aching bones, sprayed disinfectant dangerously close to my eyes, ran several loads of laundry on the sanitary cycle, and Cloroxed every bathroom surface and we have escaped with only half of us catching the bug.

GREAT NEWS:  The Lord was moving while I was "fasting."  He didn't need my chocolate cake, my presence, or my help.  Over one hundred people made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ after hearing the Good News.
 Perhaps only when human effort had done its best and failed, would God's power alone be free to work.
-Corrie Ten Boom-


deborah said...

Glad you are better. That stuff is no fun!

Praise God for salvation!

I also like the good nes/bad news post. I saw that recently on MckMama and filed it away for ideas!

Katie said...

Love that Corrie Ten Boom quote. I think I'm gonna adopt it as my all-time favorite, never to be replaced by any other.

Katie said...

But now I'm confused... where does Justin Bieber fit in? :)

hubbardgirl said...

joni, my hubby thought he should not go to the wild game banquet(although he wanted to badly). he wanted to save his place for those who had not accepted the Lord. wow....over 100 souls saved....awesome!!! and he is soooo glad, as one of these may have been one that was there in his place!! and a soul saved is far better than having the taste of wild meat in your mouth:) love you....susan

Makay said...

YUCKY! Feel better.
And- that is awesome! I love to hear about people being saved! :) Brothers and sisters again. Beautiful.
And yeah- where is Bieber?
I'm actually pretty glad I couldn't find him in this post. ;)

Cindy said...

Corrie Ten Boom is one of my favorites! I just put one of her quotes in my last blog post...best friends. ha.