Oct 11, 2011

A man of few words and a lot of twang.

 Nate calls it "doin nuthin."

I call it "enjoying a couple hours of quiet to meditate on my Monday morning bible study while knitting a bowtie scarf from 100% wool yarn that I frogged from an old project sitting in my living room appreciating the autumn palette and blend of colors."

Nate calls it "gettin it dun."

I call it "putting my precious children in harm's way by raising them in the bucket of a tractor to trim the branches that hinder the zip line from zipping and may cause a snag which would send them orbiting to the ground at full speed.  Never mind that, now I am worried that your foot will slip and the bucket will slam to the ground which may result in death."


McMaster and Storm said...

uh, huh this would make the company that my hubby works for shiver--and glare at nate! lol.....
p.s. my husbands safety video he has to make--it's on slips, trips & falls. {we just discussed this yesterday and how many people die from simple falls.}

pass the sweet tea please.


Katie said...

I'm liking the idea of doin nuthin... and today is the perfect day for it!

As for the kids in the raised bucket... pure craziness. :)

Kay Ann Wilson said...

lately there's almost nothing i'd rather do than sit & knit! i'd like to make a scarf with a button...

deborah said...

I love your male/female descriptions. Too funny. I notice how many more words the female versions have in them! :)