Oct 28, 2011

Decorated Officer.

I have my momma's memory.

I remember the clothes I wore and my feelings I had on any special occasion since elementary.

The Christmas play in second grade? My mom made me a dress that was red and black plaid and the skirt was a complete circle and tiered. It was so full that when I spun real fast you could see my underwear. I showed everyone how full it was.

My Osh Kosh jumper and double french braids in kindergarten? I got a lot of attention the days that my mom would braid my hair. Especially if it was a circle around my head.

The county spelling bee in sixth grade? Olive green v-neck sweater, gold skirt, aqua tights, tan suede flats. I went DOWN in the second round spelling emergency. I left out the g. Embarrassing but at least I looked cute.

Christmas at my Grandma Montgomery's? A red hoodie from Gap that my mom found in the bags that she had forgotten to wrap so I got a new sweatshirt the day after I had unwrapped my gifts. Pumped.

My favorite Easter dress was one that my mom made me... it was pale blue and she pieced quilt squares that were around the bottom of the dress. I was allowed to wear my new heart locket from my aunt that day to church.

Homecoming game my junior year? Brown wool blazer and matching skirt from The Limited, brown turtleneck, brown penny loafer flats. I was nervous. Homecoming parade? Green Nike sweatshirt and Levi shorts that my sister bought for me at Kohl's in Troy. I had a crush on my date and my heart pounded fast because we had matching clothes. Homecoming dance? Sleeveless black knee length dress with a bow at the bust that we bought in Fort Wayne. My parents had communion that weekend and I got ready all by myself.

I don't remember what I wore on my first real date with Nate, but I remember what HE wore... he rolled up in his old Saab wearing a striped poncho jacket, jeans, and Birk sandals. sigh

Weird, huh? I think so. Especially because most of the time I shampoo my hair three times because I can't remember if I washed it or not.

It's why I can't throw old favorites away. I don't have baby books for the boys, but all I have to do is get out their box of clothes and the memories come flooding back. It's why I made a duvet cover for Drew's old jerseys. And today, it's why I made a pillow from one of Nate's FFA jackets. Well, that, and because it doesn't fit me. He must have weighed 80 pounds in 1994.

I saved the President jacket for the boys. I just know that when they are in high school they are going to be begging me to let them wear their dad's coat.


Jill Elaine said...

Great way to repurpose the jacket:)and the skirt is too cute:)
I have to admit I never shop at goodwill for myself. I've tried. And every time I come home, log on to Lands End, and order clothes made to fit a woman my size. Sigh.
Glad you can wear the cute small clothes!!

deborah said...

I love the pillow! What an awesome idea! Oh, to be crafty... but, alas I very rarely am. I must just shop..

Shanda said...

Awwwww, I miss you and those days! We are related for sure! I can remember things I wore way back too and laughed because I do the same thing with the shampoo! Haha. miss you so much! xo.