May 1, 2011

Selfish Sewing

The deadline was yesterday. I procrastinated all last week and didn't make my spring top. So I sadly checked the blog this morning to see who won the contest and SURPRISE! the deadline was extended one more day. Apparently, I am not the only one who lives in the last minute. My real problem was that I couldn't settle on just one because my cabinet was stuffed with fabric and I have several vintage patterns that I was dying to try. I went with my initial pick... I finished five hours before the contest closed. The most embarrassing thing of the whole project was when I realized that I needed a photographer to take my Flickr picture. That's what sister-in-law's are for! They don't laugh when we put our hands on our hips and "model."

Presenting my selfishly-sewn, fully-lined, spring top, made by me and for me, completed in four hours. With a little help from Amy Butler (anna tunic pattern) and Anna Maria Horner (Free People fabric).

I have no idea what the prize is. I completed the first project for ME in two years...

I've already won!

Click here to see all the entries and get inspired to go sew selfishly today.


Katie said...

I'll be anxious to see your creations! Another sewing blog I follow is participating too and I had to physically force myself not to join... because I even have the pattern in my stash! Of course the pieces have never seen the light of day, but... maybe someday.

Have fun!

Jill Elaine said...

Very cute! I've yet to attempt to make a top. I'm just sure that I won't like it after I get it made.
Plus, I don't have time to sew for me right now. 5 weddings in the works will do that.

-Abbie- said...

This is soo cute joni!