Jul 15, 2010

On the eighth day... Eve buys a new dress.

She went all out. A NEW dress with tags hanging on it that has never been worn. It's from Ross clearance rack ($12.99) which isn't quite Anthropologie, but still.

Eve is getting nervous although she promised herself she wouldn't. Her class reunion (12th, since the 98ers skipped having a tenth 'cause that's how we roll) is quickly approaching this weekend and Eve is trying to figure out how to dress. There are many options...

Wear all black because then I will look skinnier and maybe fool everyone into thinking I weigh the same that I did in high school.

Wear something in my closet because no one has seen me for twelve years and possibly will never see me again.

Wear a classic outfit (black skirt and white button down) that will not look cheesy in ten years when I look at the pictures.

Wear something that I wore in high school so they can say, "It's weird, but Joni has not even changed."

Wear jeans to appease Mike Vondran who wrote in my yearbook "For Gosh sakes, Joni, please buy some jeans!"

Wear a mustard yellow dress that is 100% Cotton so that I can be a wrinkled up mess when I arrive at the bowling alley.

(I know, it's at the bowling alley. Tell me again why this is stressful?) Eve turned to her favorite designer, Anna Maria Horner, for help. "Please, Anna, what would you do to this dress?" Anna replied, "Add my fabric, dummy." (I know that Anna would never talk to me like this. She's just too nice. But it was midnight, and Eve gets a little pushy, you know.)

Eve heeded Anna's advice and added a panel to the bottom of the dress so that there would be no incidents when leaning over to pick up a gutter ball.

And then Eve gathered a ridiculous amount of fabric into a flower to pull it all together.

As Eve was cleaning up scraps, she spotted the apron that she found at Pier One clearance. Eve would never wear it to the reunion for fear of being mistaken for the waitress, but Eve went to bed with a smile, because it just looked so cute on the mannequin.

Thank you, Anna. I wish that I were you.
Then I might have a job to brag about at the reunion.


Brenda said...

Good work Joni! Desperation creates inspiration! Isn't it fun to put stuff together like this?

Katie said...

Looks great! :) Have fun at the reunion!

Donnelle said...

I love it! have fun!!

Jill Elaine said...

LOOOVE! Wow! Tell me how you made that flower please:)
You will look wonderful at your reunion - wish I were your size - your clothes are so much cuter than mine.
Glad to see Eve again, it had been AGES!!

Chelsy said...

i have that apron too!

McMaster and Storm said...

oh, my reunions......dress is cute eve will have a ball-----

hubbardgirl said...

hey joni, i love it!! you are so awesome on this stuff. i took an apron to abbie this weekend and it is a lot like this one only has a bib top. Oh, and eve has a twin now!

Anonymous said...

you are so darn creative. Love the dress, enjoy your reunion.