Dec 23, 2009

On the sixth day... Eve gets bubbly

Eve has been spending waaaay too much time in commercial stores to go to Goodwill. This makes Eve grieve, but I am sure that she will make up for lost time in January. Eve is preparing her closet for holiday parties and she is coming up short.

Do you buy one awesome outfit and wear it over and over or do you fill in with Goodwill clothes?

Step One.
Find something to start with...
Eve is going to call it the Blue Tuxedo Dress (Wrinked).
Eve passed this dress several times, but then got drawn back by the details on the dress.

Eve loves it, but the length and lack of waist concerns her. It looks sort of like a shiny pillowcase hanging on her. Eve has worn it a few times tucked into a skirt, but she is ready for something different.

Step Two.
Cut lining shorter than dress and take sides up two inches. Then gather the hem of dress and sew it to lining.

Annnnd Insta-Bubble.

Paired with a Isaac Mizrahi black wool pencil skirt...

This outfit is completely Goodwill, clear down to the velvet bows her toes.

Eve is still a little so-so about it... The good thing is, it is still long enough to still whack off and hem back again to be tucked in.

A few different looks...

I am sure that Adam would thank you for being the guinea pig.
He rolls his eyes when Eve starts rattling hangers.


cody.nat said...

I like the last look with the sash. Darling!

Jill Elaine said...

Cute! Like them all:) You are so creative. And it is fun to know what Eve's been up to!

McMaster and Storm said...

i like it with the coat, texture, texture looooove it!

You should see the dress d. made w/out capes {gasp, good idea ---which I think is smart if you're going to wear a sweater over it anyway!} and the stitching detail. it is the cutest thing. she so is good with details. must post a picture of it sometime.

lisa said...

and THIS is why I cry when I look in the mirror. I have no talent with clothes. I like all three looks, but the last one is really cute!