Dec 14, 2009

Making my list and unchecking it twice....

Christmas Shopping: Uncheck

Gifts Wrapped: Uncheck

Tree Cut Down: Check
(Don't laugh)

One Batch of Cinnamon Rolls: Check

Five More to Go: Uncheck

Baking Cabinet Clean: Check

Drew's Galileo Project: Check

Twin Oaks Christmas Play:
Check and Double Check

**Manger Scene Photo Courtesy of Eric Liller**
Christmas Decorating: Half Checked

Drew's School Party Planned: Check

Sewing: Uncheck

"Whenever Christmas begins to burden, it's a sign that I've taken on something of the world and not of Christ."
Ann Voskamp (and Towngirl)

Love for Christ: Check

Love for Family: Check

Love for Christmas Season: Check

Unburdened by the Love of Christ : Check


Jill Elaine said...

Sorry Joni, I laughed!!
Cute cute. They don't look like your boys, w/out all that hair, i had to look twice!!!

ranelle said...

cute blog: check check
cute tree: welllll....
kidding! have a great day.

hubbardgirl said...

check to all the good stuff....including the tree:):)

Katie said...

I absolutely love that quote. So, so true. Which is why our christmas decor is minimal, our tree has no ornaments and my gifts to David are "wrapped" in freebie Macy's boxes.

Enjoy the reason for the season and enjoy your family! Forget about everything else!

Kelsey said...

your tree looks....well fun! Can't wait to see it decorated (did you decorate it?) Twin Oaks play sounded so fun, wish we could have been there!

Kristi said...

I like the tree! Jarrett is playing Charlie Brown in our church's play this year so he would have FULL appreciation for it!

Twin Oaks program looked really neat! Did anyone happen to video it? Loved the blog =)

regina said...

the thing I love about you is...everything that has eternal value is DONE!!! I hope you know this christmas season how much your friendship means to me...I'm not even sure how it all came to be...but one thing I know is God brought us together even when we didn't understand His plan...isn't He Awesome!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for all my friends and family.

ranelle said...

I know i already commented but I just have to echo what Regina said. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, He uses our friends and family as a glimpse of His love for us. This Christmas season is especially special for me, because of my family,and friends. It just seems like our fervency for the Word, Godly fellowship when we're together, and thankfulness for what we have has multiplied... To God be all the Glory this season! love to all