Nov 16, 2009

I will put my trust in Him...

Here am I, and the children that God has given me.

God has given us the huge responsibility of raising two boys. I can handle it for a while, but then doubts and fears can creep in. Sometimes I just really don't understand what makes them tick. Women, I get. Young teen girls, I've been there. Toddler girls who love doing their own hair, I understand. And baby girls that smell like lotion, I love.

But, men that kill deer for fun, I question.

And teen boys that turn sullen scare me.
Young boys who love snakes really make me wonder.

And toddler boys that are magnetically drawn to tractors and mud amaze me.

When women go to conferences, they cry their eyes out at personal testimonies. And when men go, they bend frying pans.

But, every now and then, it all makes perfect sense.

"Mom, I want you to be at my wedding. Are you going to be there for me?"

"Mom, I love my new clean room. Mom, I love you. Thank you for buying new sheets. Mom, I love them. Mom, I love you."

"Mom, sometimes when Dad yells, I think that he doesn't love me. Does he?"

"Mom, how do I know that Jesus really IS in my heart? I have asked him twice but I don't feel any different."

"Mom, will you start my shower? You know exactly where the knob needs to be."

"Mom, did you SEE that goal? Did you see it, huh?"

"Mom, you forgot to pray for the Operation Christmas Child boxes. You forgot to pray for me at school tomorrow. Mom, you forgot to pray for my pajamas."

Some days I understand what it is all about... being a mother of boys is not so hard.

They need love, they need reassurance, they need protection, and they need to learn how to pray, and they need to KNOW about the unfailing love of their Savior.

And that is the same thing that we all need, whether we are a rebellious teenage girl or a disobedient five year old boy.

My deepest, most fervent prayer, is that Nate and I do the best we can with the wisdom that God has given us, to return Drew and Finn back to their Creator with hearts that are molded and formed to be like His Own Son.

And speaking of doing your best, how about that winning field goal by Colby Boone? It makes me want to bust out my red face paint and head to Franklin County's regional semifinals this weekend...


hubbardgirl said...

Keep loving that BOY stuff and keep telling them boys about Jesus and His Love!!! oh, and btw where in the world did the snakes come from???

cupcake studio said...

What a lovely post! I was a girly-girl growing up...and always thought I'd have a little girl. God blessed me with a young man instead, and sometimes I don't "get" him either! But it's such a gift and joyful experience to be his mom. Really enjoy your blog.

tbru said...

Thanks for this post! I need all the info about raising a boy that I can get. :) You are such a great boy mom! I'm not sure I could have gotten close enough to get the pictures of them holding the snakes! I know God will give me strength in those hours too though. And the quotes from them make it all so worth it! Those made me tear up! Thanks for sharing! Love you! ~Shanda