Nov 22, 2009

A Challenge

So, this couple's bible study thingy is fun, but now I am beginning to get the shakes. We are to Chapter Four which deals with handing out tracts.... can you guess the rest of my post?

We have been given the challenge of passing out Salvation Tracts to strangers. I am NeRvOuS to say the least. Why? I don't really have a reason besides the fact that it is WAY outside of my box. But that's good, right?

So, all you clever bloggers and talented crafters out there, I need some ideas. I want to pass out something catchy and unique, yet it just might plant seeds. Have you ever received one? Did it cause you to do a double take? Are you thankful for people that take the time to do this or does it seem pointless? What is the most important thing to include on a tract?

I googled for ideas, and got a few, and I could order some for cheap, but I am being stubborn. I want this to be personal, so I want it to be something I make, write, print, etc. Help me out a little....

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth....
Romans 1:16

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Jill Elaine said...

Joni, I really like the last picture of the cross with the paper attached. Could you come up with your own twist to this one, something you could make yourself? Or use wool felt and do something fun with that. Something catchy and fun. the Cross looks like something I would hang somewhere. I like the idea of something you could work into your decor. (imagine that!!!)

ps just for the record, I'd be shaking in my shoes about doing something like this!!