Oct 19, 2009


There are some days here that will take your breath away...

Don't get me wrong, I love Ohio with all its flatness and straight roads and fields.

But Virginia sure knows how to do Autumn.

I love living here.

Although I am still feeling my way on learning to be a redneck.


Anonymous said...

VA is beautiful! We were up on the Parkway yesterday and it was gorgeous! I LOVE fall in VA! Makes me wonder how anyone can look out and see all the different shades of color and say there is NO God? When I look out, it CONFIRMS the fact that I have the coolest, most artistic God!! We are so blessed!

ranelle said...

fall is my favorite season!especially when its sunny,and slightly warm!

cupcake studio said...

Just happened upon your blog tonight (via McMaster & Storm). It is so lovely...just wanted to say HI.