Aug 17, 2009

First Timer

I did not decide to do a Not Me post because I am out of ideas for my blog right now. That might make you think that I am uncreative and uninspired right now....

I did not sneak upstairs on Saturday while Nate was cleaning the boys' room to check blog updates. I would never sneak around because I want to avoid Nate getting irritated.

I did not buy Finn skull and crossbones shorts for his first day of school outfit. That would be crazy to think that I feel sorry for Finn going to school so I bought him a piece of clothing that would make him "feel better." That would mean that I believe in Comfort Clothes almost more than I do Comfort Food.

I did not rip my absolute favorite skirt while rolling around in my sewing chair... and then I did not automatically think... "Oh well, Target still has them," because that would not be being a good steward. But then I did not patch it and think, "Ehhh, no one will ever notice." Because I would never wear something that has a 4 inch rip in it.

I did not tell my boys that they could keep two kittens from the garage, and then watch the mama cat out the window and decide to carry the kittens back outside because I felt sorry for her. I did not peek around the corner of the garage to make sure that she began feeding them again.

I am not dreading getting up at 6:00 AM, Wednesday morning. You might think that I have not gotten up that early all summer....

I did not take pictures of my own eye after I saw Pioneer Woman's picture of hers. I did not die laughing at my splotchy greasy skin and unwaxed eyebrows... And I did not vow to never never post that picture on my blog. Because my life is an open book and I share everything with you!

I have not let the thought cross my mind that I am looking forward to the quiet house when Drew and Finn go to school. No way, the thought has not occurred to me.

I have not been counting the days until my Amish Cinnamon Bread starter is ready. I haven't buried my nose in the bag for ten days smelling the fermenting sugar. That would just be weird.

The sermon we heard at church yesterday did not apply to me. I always fill my thoughts with whatsoever is true, honest, just, pure, lovely, things of good report, virtue, and praise. I had no idea what Pastor was talking about when he said to guard our minds.

And finally, I am not addicted to Facebook. My blog takes up enough computer time and adding more time to check FB seems ridiculous. I absolutely do not think that if I haven't checked it for six hours that I have missed out on somebody's news.


ranelle said...

this is hilarious! i love it!
praying God's blessings for your family as we begin another fall season!

Jill Elaine said...

Sounds like you live like most of the rest of us!!
I want to see the skirt from Target. And I want some measurements from you... email me.

Christina Barbour said...

Loved reading this! You know Facebook doesn't mean that much to me either. Hope the kittens are okay. ha.

hubbardgirl said...

........and you are NOT trying to phase out of posting blogs. NOT joni (: (: (: no way

The Thompsons said...

LOLOL Love your Not Me's!! They literally had me LOL.