Jun 17, 2009

There might be guys at my house tonight.

You might want to step outside right now.

You might hear some screeching and laughing.

Or it might actually sound like music.

It might be Ryan, Nate, and Brandon.

They might be sitting on my porch.

They might be singing "Outlaw Women."

Nate told me that he might have some guys in tonight.

Donnelle confirmed, "Yeah, he might already have it all planned. Like last week."

Well, there might be a bluegrass "band" at my house tonight.

Or there might not be.


Donnelle said...

my husband might already be at your house. he might have taken his guitar with him. you might want to consider hiring a house cleaner before you get home!

Jill Elaine said...

I'd agree with Donnelle! Hire a housecleaner to have it all back in order BEFORE you have to see it!
Or MAYBE Nate will clean it all up????!!!!

McMaster and Storm said...

love, love the fabric who cares if they are tearing up the house I have cute fabric.
thank you.
thank you.

Jill Elaine said...

Thanks for the info on fluffing the flower! I thought it might be a flower but wasn't sure how to make it one and then I forgot to mess with it again! Love it!