Jun 23, 2009

Ohio Highlights

Meg, of course.

Shout out to Valerie...
It was great to see you!

And more baseball.

And more baseball.

Graduation party for Molly.

With a dunk tank.


Sew to Speak.
My camera battery was dead. But this store was awesome. Deserves a post of it's own.

Jeni's Ice Cream.

One Night in Bangkok.
With Thai Chili Ice Cream.
And caramel.
And bananas.
And coconut.
And cilantro.

Caleb Steven
FYI Brandt and Fletcher are not the same place...
They're actually 25 minutes apart...


Hopefully Colby and Lana will not remember that it was my boys wrestling underneath their arch.

To make a long story short, I thought that I hit a dog and dented my sister's new van. Well, the dent was already there and, thank goodness, it was not a dog.

Don't tell me that you don't have big snakes in Ohio.
Drew can sniff them out.

And cage them.

And get bit.

You never know who might drop in to see you at midnight...

Indian's Pizza.

I know, don't remind me.
I was right next to Barefoot Living.
They were closed.

And lots of other stuff that I didn't get pictures of.
Zane and Jennifer's, Gareth and Athena's, Barbara's awesome salad (I am requesting that she does a post to give us all her recipe) Sew a Fine Seam's house, Bronson and Megan's, etc. etc.

Thanks to all of you for entertaining us!
Come to VA!


Deborah said...

love your new header! she is so adorable! the snake is not adorable!! I think God knew I could not handle a son with a fascination of snakes! you are very relaxed about it. I applaud you! glad you had a good trip!

Jill Elaine said...

LOVE that new header! Don't change it till after your sister sees it!
take some pics of the stuff you got at Sew to Speak, I wanna see!
Just in case you don't know yet there is a conference number available for next Friday! I'll email it to you.

b.ellen said...

OK Ok soon soon I'll have to make it again to at least take some pictures. Should be really hard to do being as it tastes so bad =)

It was so fun to spend the evening with your fam! Come again. We need to go to VA soon. we'll call you next time we come down!

love b