May 18, 2009

Bath County

How does a weekend at a cabin with six adults and six children sound?
Great, right?

Okay, now add mud, flooding, momma mice, one minute market 20 minutes away, lots of wet clothes, two bedrooms and three families, flipped canoes, thunderstorms.
Still sound fun?
It does to the three boys in my family.


Got her. Do we feel guilty for taking a mom from her babies? Not a chance.

Within seconds of arriving, Evan made some pretty large ruts in yard.

Due to the danger of canoeing in thunderstorm season, Nate took one single picture on the trip. Did the overflowing stop them from a dangerous canoe ride? No way.

Okay, that's all the bad.

The good part was six cute kids that I got to take lots of pictures of, a hilarious game of Cranium, nothing to do but sit for hours on end, fishing a creek that had trout in it, great food, big laughs, and worn out boys that had their idea of a dream vacation.

Is there anything cuter than a nine month old baby taking a bath in sink? I think not.

The best part of Finn's day was when Chase woke up. "Hey Chasey Wasey..."

Worn out Bryce.

Brody has a classic redhead temperament. When he's mad, he's on fire. But when he is happy, he's a sweet little boy with a mischievous grin.

And then there's Brelynn. The red curls and freckles get me. And the little teeny flip flop earrings. And the fact that she follows me around telling me that my hair is pretty. She's all about some bugs and caterpillars.

Drew's still holding a grudge against Ryan for catching the most fish.


Donnelle said...

Who made your hair?

hubbardgirl said...

sounds like a fun weekend...been there and done that............when the kids were little. looks like somebody will be planting new grass in the nice sized ruts B4 the Big Bosses get wind!!! ha