Apr 4, 2009

Saturday projects

When I woke up this morning, I came downstairs to find our Easter gift from Nate's mom and dad. I love gifts, especially when they're homemade, unique, spiritual, and something I'll treasure for the rest of my life. They really hit the "nail" on the head with this gift. They used boards from Grandma B.'s chicken house and a reprinted page from Grandaddy B.'s bible. Thanks for taking the time to make us an awesome gift to have while we are celebrating Palm Sunday and Easter.

I redid my picture board. This is my favorite thing to see when I go to other people's houses. I love to stand in front of their pictures and look at everything they have up. Some people are anal about their pictures and all are perfectly lined up straight fitting together with no curled edges. They will stay perfect until Christmas when they get more pictures of people. Their families are all grouped together and lined up. Other people have the criss cross ribbon boards with pictures tucked in and you have to wiggle the pictures around so you can see the whole picture. If the ribbons aren't tight, you touch one picture and others fall out. Then I have to apologize and stick them back in at the angle which they were tucked before you messed up their board. Other people just have a few favorite pictures out and no evidence of others. I glance at the one's they have up while wondering where the picture that I sent them at Christmas is. My board is always a total unorganized mess. I ran out of magnets in December so I am just now getting all my pictures on the board. I did have a metal board, but I found this farm grate at an antique store and thought it was pefect for my stuff. I threaded some rick-rack through some of the squares and hung piles of pictures on clips. I like this way because I can switch up pictures when I am thinking or praying about them. And there is a nice wide wood frame around it so I can stick pins in and prop other items up. I love the chaos of my board because it invites people to step up and see some of the stuff and people that I think are pretty special. No fear of getting in trouble for moving my pictures around.

Praying for Nedra J. and family

Another project I've been working on are my recycling bags. This is a new venture in our family and it's still fun. Ask me in a couple months when the fun wears off if we're still doing it. I am sure I'll still have the bags but they'll probably be empty. For now, the boys think it's great to smash pop cans and they fight if one has more to smash. The metal bag is fuller than the rest for some reason.

Have a great weekend.

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katie said...

What a cute little recycling center! I love love to see people start doing this- and you count on me to hold you accountable. :) I started recycling in KS four years ago and the guilt still overwhelms me when I think about throwing away a cereal box or milk jug. Seriously- I'm not exaggerating.

So- kudos to you, sister!

PS. Don't ask to see my super-sophisticated recycling system when you come over next :)