Apr 12, 2009

Resurrection Day

Before we left for church this morning, I had a moment at the front door. Should I take my camera or leave it? Nate's been thinking I'm a little loco with pictures and blogging right now, so I thought, "Ha, I can do this. I'll leave it." Big mistake. We passed the crosses he took pictures of on Friday, and I needed my camera. I didn't say anything when we drove past, but Nate turned to me and grinned. "I know what you're thinking." I guess my shutter button clicker finger was twitching. So we went back later.

Because it's "kind of a big deal around here" when I make dinner on Sunday, I'll share our meal. Before we ate, I asked the boys what the best part about Jesus's death and resurrection is for them and they answered. Finn said, "Chocolate bunnies." Drew said, "That our sins can be washed clean by Jesus." I approve both answers.

Herbed Pork Loin
Lemon Butter Pasta with GarlicGrilled FlatbreadGrilled/Broiled Asparagus (Our propane ran out)Tossed Salad (Nate's creation, that's why it's heavy on the pepper and sesame sticks)Like Pioneer Woman says, "Cue Hallelujah Chorus now."Evolution of Chocolate BunniesIn order of succession.
Nate's, Drew's, Finn's, and mine.

Drew asked me why we call the day Easter. So I did a little research. I was surprised. I hoped it to be the translation from a Hebrew word meaning resurrection. I was wrong. Some think it was a mistranslation of the German word ostern meaning sunrise, others think it has to do with a goddess of spring named Eostre. This is a little weird. Others think it must somehow come from the Hebrew word Pesach, meaning Passover, which marked the first day of spring. I get this one, Jesus being our Ultimate Sacrifice, his blood on the doorposts of our hearts, etc. But all articles I read agreed on the fact that it doesn't matter where the word came from, just what it means to you.

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waiting for heaven said...

first of all, Joni your food never ceases to amaze me. You may not cook very often but when you do... wow it always looks so awesome!! Thank you for being my friend and introducing me to foods that I would have never tried or liked otherwise. Now with that out of the way, on with whats really important, Christ's resurrection!! Praise God for a love so deep for us that He turned His back on His own Son for three very dark hours, so we can live with Him forever. No greater love!