Apr 28, 2009

Hedge of thorns

Excerpt from Stepping Up workbook, Week 3 Day 2, Beth Moore
The Maasai people of Kenya left me with an image of God's encircling protection that I'll never forget. We were welcomed into several villages surrounded by hedges of thorn bushes erected to deter predators. Keith couldn't get over the spiritual significance for Christians, remarking to me that God keeps His people safe from the prowling lion by encircling us with a crown of thorns. I've often prayed this very image for my loved ones.

In my human nature, I am a worrier, particularly concerning the lives of my loved ones. If I don't deliberately fight a spirit of fear, it can overtake me with staggering force. How about you? Who are you most prone to worry about? Write their names in a crown of thorns, and entrust each one to God's care. Picture this metaphor daily until your anxieties diminish, even if the process takes months. This exercise may seem elementary, but visuals like this help tremendously.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, the Lord surrounds his people, both now and forever. Psalm 125


Jill Elaine said...

OK, I'm thinking I'm going to HAVE to get a book or cd or whatever by Beth Moore!
You are right, picture editing is very adictive. Larke sat on the couch calling me for over 20 minutes,to come read the books I'd said I'd read last night. I had totally forgotten I said I'd read and didn't register that what she was wanting. I think that may be why I used Picasa briefly a couple years ago and then promptly forgot how!!!

Thanks for your comment on my verse. I never really thought about myself quite like that till I read your comment. I've been called 'intense' and other things that end up sounding a little bit negative. Now I will have to think about my personality in the context of this verse! Thanks, you just made my day!! This may be life changing for me:-)

McMaster and Storm said...

yes, beth moore- had a discussion about her this morning w/ a friend. they have an upcoming workshop this fall. i think getting her book{s} before hand will do me good!

BTW I posted about you this afternoon!

{also, love the blog look of yours right now}