Apr 29, 2009


The flower shop called with a delivery to make. Thinking it was probably a sympathy arrangement, I started to tell them that they could take it to the shop. He interrupted me and said, "Ma'am, this one is for you." When I received the basket I couldn't get the card opened fast enough, because it wasn't my birthday or anniversary. It was from Nate. I stared at it in shock for a while then called him and said, "What is your problem? Do you have something to tell me?" He said it was for no reason, but I think he's just plain tired of looking at this.

I always roll my eyes at flowers because I would rather have the cold hard cash, but I found that there is something inside of me that thinks, "Awwwww. For me?"

Note to Regina: Let's just keep my ability to keep flowers alive to ourselves.

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Amber said...

note to the note...TO LATE!!!!