Mar 19, 2009

Sorting, Folding, and Cutting

I tackled Laundry Mountain today. The peak of it reached my waist. Nate wondered if I needed a map to find my way through it. I began with the clean? socks on top and ended with the rumpled dresses on bottom. Folding the last washcloth was more thrilling to me than being on top of Mount Everest. Sometimes I say a prayer for the person whose clothes I am folding, but I finally quit after the fiftieth time I said "Lord, bless these little feet and keep Finn safe when he wears these socks."

I also am working on a new maternity dress pattern for a friend of mine. She wanted something different so that means starting from scratch. We're going for the look of view E

I think the pattern just exploded due to exhaustion.


kt said...

That is too cool! I would never have thought to make a dress pattern from a shirt. You are so smart. I sat in Wally for like an hour today flipping though McCalls and Simplicity (the millionth time this year). I came home with two though, so maybe it was worth it. Have fun!

Jill Elaine said...

Hi Joni! Patterns definitely have a way of exploding on you:-)
I'm sure your boys would not have been too impressed with American Girl! You will have to wait and take Meg sometime. It is worth going and seeing, it is just beautiful.
I have to admit I am sort of glad you live in Virginia. I'd never get to hold Meg if you were around!!!!!! I'm glad you got to see them recently, any plans of coming to Ohio soon??
I love your blog, it's so much fun to read everything you write. Drew is fun to hear from too!