Mar 24, 2009

I lift mine eyes unto the hills...

Today in Stepping Up, I heard about songs greatly enhancing our ability to memorize. Also, songs can express things that we dare not say out loud and their ability to break through our hard exteriors. When I first read Psalm 121, the psalm that Beth M. asks us to memorize, I realized that I already knew the first two verses, thanks to this song. When I first heard and loved this song, I had no idea that Casting Crowns quoted this psalm. I only knew that it ministered to what my soul needed, and I still cannot listen without tears pooling in my eyes. Now the song is extra special, because it not only ministers to me every time I listen, it is a song of my pilgrimage.
Anyone else have a favorite?


kt said...

That little "You know you want to..." cracks me up.

I've decided that my new favorite song is going to be my all time favorite song- At the Foot of the Cross by Katherine Scott. Listen to it on youtube here

It gets me every time.

Donnelle said...

I LOVE Third Day's "King of Glory". Actually, the whole Offerings CD. This song, and CD, was all that I played while I struggled to let go of myself and accept Christ. And in the hard days that followed, it helped me keep my eyes focused on Him. It still brings tears and I can still listen to it over and over. It's a great reminder of where I was, what He can bring me through, and how faithful He is.

Minister Grace said...

You can listen to King of Glory here:

Thanks for ministering through your songs! Love 'em.

waiting for heaven said...

I have to agree with Donelle, I love king of glory as well as anything else Third Day sings!! Their songs have ministered to me so much. A new favorite of mine is Matthew West's Going Through The Motions. It is such a huge part of my testimony. If you havent heard it...check it out. It will speak to you. May we continue to grow in our faith. Isnt it so exciting to really Know Him.

Minister Grace said...

You can hear Matthew West's song here:

I think the true test of a song, and a sermon, is when everyone that hears it thinks that it was written just for them. This is one of those songs. I really can't imagine anyone else getting as much out of it as I can. Just like my friend Beth says, songs have the ability to minister to our souls because the very reason we were created was to praise the Maker.

TownGirl posted the lyrics to this song on her blog, check out what she has to say about it.