Mar 22, 2009


Nate took the boys to the rodeo Saturday night as part of Finn's birthday gift. I went out with friends, which was a dilemma for me because both were blog-worthy events and only one camera.
The girls and I went to Valley View, Fork in the Alley, by far the coolest restaurant in Roanoke, and Mill Mountain Star. Luckily, there was a hottie there that offered to take some pictures for us. Thanks, Nate, for the patience that is required to snap the "perfect" shot.
Tracy, you are still an awesome and beautiful friend. I am so blessed to know you. I can't believe that it's been ten years since I moved away, it felt like no time has passed. Kim, it was awesome getting to meet you. Maybe some of the Virginia "fellers" took notice.... Thanks, Donnelle, for the invite. We need to get babysitters again sometime. I loved getting to spend time with all three of you. I'm still giggling to myself at things we talked about. Thanks for making the trip down T&K, come back anytime.


Anonymous said...

thankyou!! thankyou!! i LOVED being w/ you too!! & thankyou for the advice or encouragement or just for listening to it all. ugh. so hard. i have started doing a little researching & ALOT of praying of my own!!!!!+
**i HAD to get on here....a little bird called me this morning to let me know we were FAMOUS!!!! :) and weirdly or maybe not so, but i think you look strangely like hilary duff w/ dark hair in this pic....???? yeah?
thanks again for being w/ us! xoxo-love!!!! trace

Donnelle said...

I'm SO glad that it worked for us to have an evening together! What a great weekend with friends! Trace & I were laughing about it on the phone today. Can't wait to do it again!

Anonymous said...

I'm offended.
Love, Hilary Duff