Mar 25, 2009

Party time...

Straw Hats
Soft Pretzels with Cream Cheese
Mixed Fruit Tray (from Grandma)
Jellybeans (from Grandma)
Cheesecake Squares (from Grandma)
Bakerella's Cake Pops

Finn and I had so much fun making these. He thought that they were way cooler than a cake. Mainly because he got to make them into balls and jam sticks into them. It was like Play-Doh that you could eat.

I realized at the last minute that I needed something to hold up the pops. I nervously called Nate two hours before everyone arrived and told him I needed a barnwood board with holes drilled in it. He said, "Absolutely, you know I would do anything for you." I thought Awww, how sweet, I figured he would be irritated. Then he said. "Baby, I would walk through fire if it meant keeping you happy." And I began to wonder. Then he said, "I would walk barefoot over glass so that you can have everything you could ever want." Then, I realized, he was being extremely sarcastic.

Just so you don't get me confused with Pioneer Woman:

This is my kitchen when I'm cooking.

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Mrs. K said...

That was a smart idea to have your hubby drill holes in a board...and Mr. Steady would have said the exact same thing. I have learned that "Honey, can you show me how to use the drill?" gets A LOT of things done in a short order :o) And you completely fooled me with the photo of Pioneer Woman's Lodge kitchen, when I first saw the photo and didn't read the caption I was coveting. Then I read :o) Be blessed.