Mar 17, 2009

Not what I had planned...

Brave little Finn.

Special visitor.

This actually looks peaceful with the glow and all, but trust me, it wasn't.

Finn. March 2009.

Deja vu. Drew. October 2002.

I've never quite understood the term "Lord willing" as much as I did today. My plans were made. Finn and I were going to story hour and McDonald's. I called two people and told them I would see them at the library, and ten minutes later, my plans changed. Finn was getting out of the bath, stepped up on the side, and was preparing to make his usual superman leap onto the rug. He slipped and fell against the commode (Finn uses this word thanks to his southern roots, I say toilet) and put a nice-sized gash on forehead. Thankfully, my motherly instinct kicked in and I did not panic. Just kidding, I called my mother-in-law. She drove us to hospital and stayed with us the whole time. The end results were an irritated doctor, a sweaty nurse, queasy Grandma, teary Mom, busted eardrums, terrified little boy, and 12 stitches.

Big thanks to Grandma Lucille for being our ambulance, waitress, text messenger, and supporter.


waiting for heaven said...

oh little finny benny. I can't believe that with all the crazy,dangerous things you boys do that something so simple as getting out of the tub could result in 12 stitches. May guardian angels continue to hover around the Bowman boys. Ahem, next time maybe you could be in the bathroom too.(I'm talking to the angels here, not you Joni) Love you

Donnelle said...

A commode, huh? Sounds sterile. So glad everyone is okay!