Mar 12, 2009

My bird...

Inspired by McMaster and Storm's grande bird and all the other birds out there, I chose a different route to having a bird grace my front door. I googled "bird silhouette" and picked an image I liked, then cut and pasted it to a program that I could enlarge and print onto cardstock. Then I cut around the image using a Exacto knife, and stenciled it onto my front door and my new shelf. (Although, the whole time I was "stenciling," I had visions of country blue hearts and dusty rose teddy bears from the early 90's.) It was so easy that I had to make myself quit finding places for a bird to stop and rest..

1. Mine. Her name is "New Song."
2. Not on a branch, but I like this guy.
3. Easier to cut out, and cute too.

Have fun! If you email me a picture, I'll post it!

1 comment:

Jill Elaine said...

love your bird.
i just posted a bunch of pics of Meg on my blog, check them out!