Mar 7, 2009

Loving the 75 degree weather...

Six days after our first snowstorm.
When I got up this morning, the boys had already been to the pond to catch salamanders and Drew had somehow fallen in and was wet to his waist. Sigh.

Basketball, Drew-style.

All winter, the boys have been dreaming about the skate park, so we decided to stop, even though I knew it would be crowded. I love going to the skate park. There is always at least one boy that helps Drew and Finn with their tricks. There are a couple boys that make their way over to us to say hi, and to give the boys "a knuckle." And of course, the dudes in the corner that completely ignore us, but most of the boys are pretty welcoming. I could sit and watch the skaters all day. They are so cool.

One time, when Drew was younger, we went and there were a couple of boys including him and letting him skate with them. I thought it was so sweet until I saw Drew laying down behind a stack of skateboards and realized they were getting ready to do jumps over him. Not so cool.

Enjoy the spring weather,
get a little sun on your pasty skin.

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