Mar 4, 2009

My own guitar hero...

I love this guy. He bought a guitar with his Christmas money and announced that he would be playing by the end of 2009. I joked for a while that I was tired of hearing the same chords all the time, but I've quit because he really is making progress. He has taken three lessons at Downtown Music and he takes the advice of practicing 20 minutes a day VERY seriously. I love the way he intently tries to not watch his fingers and the clinch of his jaw when he misses a beat. I'm sure he'll want you to notice the "walk-up" when he picks three strings to segue into the next stanza.

In other news, our snow is quickly disappearing and leaving a muddy mess behind. Drew returns back to school tomorrow, even though his prayer at supper was that he might have one more "miracle day." Finn is going to miss having his buddy around, but I'm sure he'll slip right back into routine. Oh wait, he has no routine. Unless you call sleeping in until 10:30 and eating pancakes for lunch a routine. The only thing on my sewing list for this week is hanging over my head. One zipper. I'm sure you understand why... zippers are a pain. You have to dig out the funny foot from the bottom of sewing machine pocket and then pin the zipper on and then hope there's not a funky bubble at the bottom of seam.
Okay, okay, just excuses... I'll do it tomorrow.
Or Saturday night at 11:30 PM.


Anonymous said...

Be careful putting me out in the public eye, I may get snatched up by the adoring fans!!!Have a great day.
Love ya, Nate

waiting for heaven said...

wow.. the Lord does still work miracles today! I heard Nate when he first started playing and I must say... miracle. Just keep on keepin on Nate!