Mar 30, 2009

Hermosa familia

This family stayed with us over the weekend. They are in the middle of making a huge life-altering decision, whether to move out of the country or not. Through teary eyes they told us amazing stories and showed beautiful pictures of Honduras. They are torn between loving their family, friends, and life in America and being led to a special place that they feel called. The people embraced them while they were there and they told stories of a woman that threw her hands up and praised God when handed the equivalent of a $5 bill, a man that invited them into their dirt floor home and served them a supper of tortillas and beans, the translator that couldn't wait to tell her friends that she knew how to fix American caserolas, the neighbors that shared a yard and had children the same age, and many more. We only got to talk to them for a few hours, but I was enthralled. My favorite part was the sprinkling of Spanish that the kids used like Elisa rubbing her eyes and whispering "Buenos Días" while coming down the steps in the morning. Say a prayer that God will open doors for them and give them a clear answer of His will in their life.

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Rachel said...

What beautiful children! We will definitely pray for this family...that they will have peace as they seek answers from God! What amazing things God is doing in and through His people as they trust Him!