Mar 16, 2009

Going green...

Ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with your family:

1. Tell your children the story of the
famous missionary to Ireland.

After a three-day journey, the men landed in Gaul (modern France), where they found only devastation. Goths or Vandals had so decimated the land that no food was to be found in the once fertile area. "What have you to say for yourself, Christian?" the ship's captain taunted. "You boast that your God is all powerful. We're starving to death, and we may not survive to see another soul." Patrick answered confidently. "Nothing is impossible to God. Turn to him and he will send us food for our journey."
2. Find biblical passages using the word "green" or "emerald."
Examples: Psalm 23:2, Jeremiah 17:8, Revelation 4:3
My bible program found 50.

3. Fix Reuben sandwiches.
Jewish Rye Bread, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, Sauerkraut, and Corned Beef fixed like a grilled cheese sandwich. Green Jello Jigglers for dessert.

4. Add a splash of Bailey's Irish Creme and
green whipping cream to your favorite coffee.

5. Make a bookmark using a clover that you have found.
Three-leaf is okay, because that is what St. Patrick used to explain the Trinity to the Irish Christians. My grandma (the expert at finding four leaf clovers) made me one of these bookmarks and I promptly placed it in my bible. It must have been in the summertime, because the laminate melted and stuck to the pages. Now it will forever mark the spot in Matthew 21 when Jesus tells his disciples "whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive."
And that is just fine by me.

Photo credit goes to Design Mom -
everything I've ever loved is on this site, plus waaaaay more

6. Plant some wheat grass inside for a fresh breath of spring.

This is not my own picture. I had full intentions of getting some planted today to prepare for Finn's birthday party, but at the last minute I realized that I didn't have any potting soil. So instead, I planted the teeny-tiny strawberry plants that the boys got for Valentine's Day.

Note to self:
If I tie a shamrock ribbon around pots, no one will know that I'm planting them a month late.

7. Every time someone wishes you a Happy St. Patrick's Day,
add a quarter to your
Widow's Mite Box.

8. Make your family wear green and pose for cheesy picture.

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Mrs. K said...

That is so way better than what we did for St. Patrick's Day. I've a large corned beef and bag of sauerkraut that I need to make for Mr. Steady but am putting it off because he's the only one who likes it. Thanks for visiting my blog and for adding me to your list of favorites - I'm blushing!